First, parents and students should know that, in 2019, completing a undergraduate degree is taking not four, but an average SIX years for our college students. There are many reasons to be concerned about this.  The first is that tuition is no longer a tuition x four figure, but a tuition x six figure — […]

  For many years, I would tell my university students that if they weren’t absolutely certain that they needed to be in a university, they should waste no time in getting out.  They’d be astonished and perplexed, “But you are our teacher!” was the frequent response.  Yes,  I was their teacher; I had been devoting decades […]

Our systems of education in the U.S. have been receiving failing grades for many, many years.  The K-12 system is in tatters because of the over-standardization of education as well as because of the increasing number of for-profit charter schools siphoning off significant amounts of money from the public schools, only to create less-than-adequate programs. […]

  The spring has become campus visit time for many families in the United States.  The universities are always careful to present their best faces, tour prospective students to the most desirable spots on campus, and talk up the “services”, the “college experience”.  This is pure theatre, and you are being manipulated by some of […]

  For much of the last twenty years, I’ve been focused on my own university teaching, faculty and student rights activism, and on several large projects that have required an enormous amount of time and energy.  I’ve left the battles raging in K-12 to other very capable educational warriors – like Diane Ravitch and Ken […]