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Debra Leigh Scott


Public education in the United States has been under assault for decades.  In regard to K-12, much has been written about over-reliance on standardized testing, on the administrative take-over of curriculum design and classroom activities, on the de-funding of important programs, and the general disintegration of the quality of public education.  Another threat identified is the proliferation of for-profit charter schools which siphon public funds away from public schools, but which are not held to the same legal standards of practice.  What can parents do?  What options are there to assure that your children receive the best possible education?

At the university level, trying to navigate through the  myths and marketing of higher ed. has become increasingly difficult for families and their college-bound students.  As a university professor for over 25 years, Debra Leigh Scott has an insider’s understanding of what is really going on in higher ed., the good and the bad.  Debra has spent years watching the shifting and disintegration of our university structures, and trying to help her students navigate their way through broken systems.  It became apparent that students and parents need to be armed with more information from an insider’s perspective before a college-age student even begins making applications to schools.

Regarding K-12 education,  our focus is to find where and how the best education is to be found.  For some, that might in a public school in their neighborhood.  But for far too many of our children, those public schools are woefully inadequate, underfunded, understaffed and simply unable to provide the quality of education all children deserve.  This is not the fault of the teachers.  It is the fault of the legislatures across the country that have consistently failed to prioritize public education funding; it is the fault of federal programs that have mandated wrong-headed programs that have created atmospheres of dysfunction. Privatization and charter schools turn our schools into for-profit centers run for enriching the owners of the school chains and not in educating our children.  Private schools may be an option for some.  But for most families they are prohibitively expensive.  So what are families to do?  Are there alternatives that help empower parents and their children and provide opportunities for high quality education and a true joy of learning?  What of homeschooling?  What of community schooling co-ops? What of schooling in other countries? What might they have to offer?  We’ll be exploring these topics.  Please feel free to email us at guerillau@gmail.com with specific questions and suggestions for blog posts.

Guerilla U was founded as an organization to bring  information, strategic consulting and other supports to those looking for empowerment in an increasingly difficult process.  Parents and students can only be successful if armed with the facts, and given a strategic plan for reaching their goals.  Guerilla U offers tactics and strategies for families and individuals, through blogs, workshops, public forums, private coaching, strategic consultation, and a forthcoming book, Guerilla U: A Tactical Handbook.

For more information, please contact Debra at guerillau@gmail.com.

For our sister blog, which focuses exclusively on university-level education and issues, please see The Homeless Adjunct.  

Photo credits:

The Header  photograph “Abandoned Women’s College – The Chancery House” by Lisa Mannetti

Photo of Debra Leigh Scott by Deborah Boardman


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