About Guerilla U

Debra Leigh Scott

Trying to navigate through the  myths and marketing of higher ed. has become increasingly difficult for families and their college-bound students.  As a university professor for over 15 years, Debra Leigh Scott has an insider’s understanding of what is really going on in higher ed., the good and the bad.  Debra has spent years watching the shifting and disintegration of our university structures, and trying to help her students navigate their way through broken systems.  It became apparent that students and parents need to be armed with more information from an insider’s perspective before a college-age student even begins making applications to schools.    She founded Guerilla U as an organization to bring  information, strategic consulting and other supports to those looking for empowerment in a difficult process.  Our young adults can only be successful if armed with the facts, and given a strategic plan for reaching his or her goals.  Guerilla U offers tactics and strategies for families and individuals, through blogs, a forthcoming book, Guerilla U: A Tactical Handbook, workshops, public forums, private coaching and strategic consultation.  For more information, please contact Debra at guerillau@gmail.com.

Photo credits:

The Header  photograph “Abandoned Women’s College – The Chancery House” by Lisa Mannetti

Photo of Debra Leigh Scott by Deborah Boardman

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