What Guerilla U Provides

Guerilla U was founded in order to provide the much-needed, and hard-to-find information about both K-12 and higher education in the United States.  Don’t expect to get all the details in the press, or in publications that offer rankings and other superficial university information.  In K-12, there is a direct link between community status and the status of the public schools in the neighborhood; it is unlikely that you’ll hear much information to denigrate those schools.  As for universities:  They won’t tell you the percentage of faculty that is hired fifteen weeks at a time, or how many of their professors have no offices and can’t be found on campus.  They won’t tell you that the average graduation rate is now six years and not four.  They won’t tell you that the “majors” many students choose are woefully outdated, and taught in a way that will not provide professional guidance or readiness.  They won’t tell you the dangerous habits of the financial aid departments, or the woeful inadequacies of their advising practices.

What are parents and students to do?  Guerilla U offers the answers.  Our Founder, Debra Leigh Scott, offers workshops, presentations, private consultations and strategic counseling to assist parents with their family’s education issues, and to help students decide if and where to access what institutions of higher education have to offer.  An educator and educational activist for over 20 years, Debra has extensive experience that she can bring to bear for the benefit of families and students in searching for the strategies and tactics essential in the successful navigation through our educational systems and programs, and into a bright  and successful future. Debra also has experience working with special needs students, homeschool families, and international students.

To speak with Debra about workshops, presentations or private consultations, please write guerillau@gmail.com.



Photo credit:

The Header  photograph “Abandoned Women’s College – The Chancery House” by Lisa Mannetti


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